Our “Organic Wax” is a specially formulated that gently, yet effectively, removes even stubborn unwanted hair. Common and unprofessional hair removal methods can leave visible tell-tale signs such as irritation and redness that give away a woman’s “beauty secret.” Organic Hair Removal leaves you with beautifully smooth, visibly hair-free skin.

Good skin without imperfections is what all women crave. In our experience, apart from acnes or signs of aging, a woman’s facial hair is one of the biggest concerns regarding appearance.

What is a safe, effective and inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair? How can women achieve smooth and moisturized skin?

Our Organic Wax feature a unique combination of 100% organic beeswax, oils and emollients that exfoliate a layer on the skin and moisturizes so that skin is less prone to irritation. Our Organic Wax removes any type of unwanted hair more efficiently and only adheres to the hair itself, lowering the possibility of inflammation or redness.

  Body Waxing

Full Leg
Half Leg
Full Arm
Half Arm
Full Back
Lower Back
Brazilian Wax
Bikini Wax

  Facial Waxing

Full Face
Upper Lip
Chin / Neck

Full Body Waxing

Included; Full leg, Brazillian
or bikini wax, under arm,
upper lip.



Diamond Microdermabrasion

Face and Peel
Upper Back


Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
Alginate Peel-off Mask


1 1/4 Hour treatment
Series of 3


Custom Blend Peel
Series of 3



Detox Anti-Aging Sauna Blanket

Blanket Treatment

Cryomodelage with
Body Wrap

Authentic Eastern-European
Cellulite Treatment - Cupping










Anesi Parafango Body Wrap

Anesi Parafango Anti-Cellulite Wrap Work for inch loss, skin conditioning and cellulite that can be customized to best suit each client individually. The treatment works by encouraging circulation and lymphatic drainage thereby detoxifying and contouring the body. Parafango combines mineral rich sea mud and paraffin in a powerful restorative body mask with a geothermal effect, producing an increase in body temperature that stimulates circulation and the elimination of toxins, including unwanted fat stores, from the tissues. The client is exfoliated, treated with a cellulite ampoule, and covered with parafango paraffin and warm blanket for a cellulite-reducing effect.

Whole Body

3 zone
(for example, thighs, buttocks, abdomen)

One Zone

Cryomodelage Body Wrap

Cryomodelage - bio energetic wrap that accelerates centimeter loss and firms
skins. Anti-cellulite body wrap.
This treatment firms the skin, increasing, its elasticity, helping to diminish further wrinkle formation. The efficiency of
cryotherapy is well known for slimming and firming processes, with instant visible
results from the very first session.

Anesi Parafango
Swollen Legs Treatment
This treatment produces a decongestant, relaxing effect that alleviates fatigue and
results in lightened, relieved legs and feet. Simple and effective treatment for women
standing up or walking around all day.

Paraffin Treatment Feet
Paraffin Treatment Hands






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