Organic Sugaring

Organic Wax and Sugaring is a full service organic wax and Sugaring studio in Alpharetta  to utilize the ancient art of sugaring hair. Sugaring is an ancient practice that uses all natural paste made from sugar, water and lemon juice to remove hair follicle from the root.

Organic Wax

Our “Organic Wax” is a specially formulated that gently, yet effectively, removes even stubborn unwanted hair. Common and unprofessional hair removal methods can leave visible tell-tale signs such as irritation and redness that give away a woman’s “beauty secret.” Organic Hair Removalleaves you with beautifully smooth, visibly hair-free skin.

Good skin without imperfections is what all women crave. In our experience, apart from acnes or signs of aging, a woman’s facial hair is one of the biggest concerns regarding appearance.

What is a safe, effective and inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair? How can women achieve smooth and moisturized skin? Our Organic Wax feature a unique combination of 100% organic beeswax, oils and emollients that exfoliate a layer on the skin and moisturizes so that skin is less prone to irritation.

Our Organic Wax removes any type of unwanted hair more efficiently and only adheres tothe hair itself, lowering the possibility of inflammation or redness.

Brazilian Wax or Organic Sugaring ? We do it Best!