Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are a common result of any type of hair removal, however, they are much less common with waxing and even less with sugaring. Ingrown hairs are the result of the regrowth of hair under the skin instead of growing through the skin as it should. It will often look like a pimple or group of small bumps. With shaving, you are creating sharp ends on the hair that are more likely to become ingrown. With waxing and sugaring, there is damage being done to the folicle as it is attacking the hair at the root. This creates eventually weaker and softer hairs that are less likely to become ingrown. Waxing uses beeswax to remove the hair from the root and pulls against the direction of hair growth. Sugaring uses an organic, all natural mixture to create a sticky paste which after applied to hair is pulled, again from the root, in the same direction of hair growth. Both are successful methods of hair removal but of course thats not going to stop those few, pesky, irritating ingrown hairs that some people will experience.


How to prevent ingrown hairs

Although most ingrown hairs will resolve themselves, did you know that there are ways to prevent ingrown hairs? Yes indeed, there are methods that can be used to prevent ingrown hair growth.

1) Exfoliation is the #1 and most important way of preventing ingrown hairs. Exfoliating the skin will help loosen and lift those pesky hairs that want to get stuck under the skin and it also removes dead skin cells that can block proper hair growth. Exfoliate the skin in a circular motion using a wet or dry wash cloth, your favorite loofa (please be gentle, its your skin), or your favorite mild exfoliation scrub. Be sure to moisturize after exfoliation. If you prefer to prevent ingrown hairs, reduce redness without spending time with exfoliation tools - we are selling Tend Skin. It contains salicylic (you cannot use it if you allergic to Aspirin) and reduces appearance of bumps, exfoliates your skin and helps hair to grow though. 

2) Wear loose fitting clothing. If you notice ingrown hairs, wear looser clothing on that area. As the hair grows in, if it rubbing something closely, it can prevent proper growth of the hair causing the hairs to grow under the skin or curl back under the skin creating an ingrown hair.

3) Use natural, organic, and/or gentle products on your skin. Try to avoid products that are high in chemicals (strong in fragrance) or has a high alcohol content. These products can dry your skin if used too often and can cause your skin to feel tight making it unhealthy and creating an environment for ingrown hairs.

4) Avoid scratching or picking as this can lead to infection or a scar. 

Ask us about Tend Skin products which aid and helping prevent ingrown hairs. These products are for both women and men. These wonderful and highly recommended products are available for sale at both of our locations. Our customer’s love and live by them, I’m sure you will too. Solution or refillable roll for your convenience.

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